Information for Sponsors

The Kansas Music Review is a progressive online magazine that will be updated with new content in an ongoing issue-less format. Monthly notices will be sent to KMEA members informing them of content changes.

Former “Advertisers” may now become “Sponsors” and with that philosophy change will come opportunities and features not available before in the Review.

A yearly sponsorship is available for a contribution of $400. This figure is $200 less than the $600 per year previous that ads in 4 issues would cost. A monthly sponsorship is available for $50 per month for the months that you would like to have space in the Review. These sponsorships are renewable on the anniversary date (year or month, depending on the type of sponsorship purchased) of the purchase.

As a sponsor of the Review you will have available a display ad image of 300 X 600 pixels and several other new perks that will go with sponsorship.

  1. The ad image mentioned above will be up on the web site until the sponsor wants to change it. It can be changed at any time during the sponsorship term. We hope this will allow the Sponsor to highlight specific events, seasons or sales. Universities will be able to highlight events on their campus, concerts, audition days and any other information they would like to get in front of the reader.
  2. Each Sponsor may have a thumbnail logo that will appear at the bottom of each page of the KMR. These thumbnails can be linked to the sponsor’s primary website.
  3. Each sponsor will have the opportunity to submit up to two articles that can appear on the website simultaneously. Sponsors can replace those articles for another at any time. Articles will be displayed in the same manner as other articles in the KMR and be “tagged” as sponsored articles. These will be found under the Sponsors tab. Sponsors can use these articles to highlight any information they wish, such as sales items, concert programs, clinic schedules, faculty and employee information, etc. These articles can also include links to other websites.

We believe that with the items mentioned above each sponsor will have many more opportunities to be in touch with our readers.

Entities that wish to become sponsors of the Kansas Music Review may do so by contacting us with the contribution at any time.

KMEA Marketing Manager
Erik Stone

Sponsorship Specifications

300 X 600 ad image
Ad images may be sent electronically as GIF, JPG, or PNG at a minimum 72 dpi. We will not accept Flash or animated files.  Sponsors may have one Ad Image active in the site at any given time during a sponsorship term. Images will be auto-removed from the site either on the date specified by the Sponsor or on the ending date of the sponsorship term. Sponsors may rotate various ad images within a single sponsorship term, but only one ad image may be active at a time. Each ad may be linked to a targeted URL within the Sponsor’s site.

Logo Images
Logo images may be submitted as GIF, JPG, or PNG.  We will work with the sponsor to ensure the logo displays properly within the site if the original image as submitted is not suitable for the display layout.  Logos will display on the site at a maximum size of 150×150 pixels. Sponsors may submit one logo image which will be active on the site during any sponsorship term. Logo images may be linked to the sponsor’s primary website URL.

Sponsored Articles
Submitted article content may contain links to your business website or to a targeted URL within your business’s web properties, such as a specific page that correlates to your sponsored content.  Sponsors may have up to two Sponsored Articles active on the site at any given time during a sponsorship term. Sponsored articles will be auto-removed from the site either on the date specified by the Sponsor or on the ending date of the sponsorship term. Sponsored articles must be submitted in WORD or RTF format and may include graphic artwork or imagery (logos and photos). Any graphic artwork or must be submitted in separate files. Preferred formats for the graphics would be GIF, JPG, or PNG. No Flash format, please. If you wish to include a YouTube video within an article, please ensure it is set so that embedding in other websites is allowed. For article length, that is up to you, the sponsor. We will not impose a length restriction on your content. Obviously you wouldn’t want to lose a reader’s interest with something too long.

Our Sponsors