Submission Guidelines

Note from the Editor

The Kansas Music Review is committed to enriching the field of music education in Kansas and beyond. We enthusiastically welcome content from both Kansas residents as well as out-of-state contributors. We publish authors with a variety of experience levels from novices to well-established authors. Fostering and supporting the work of new authors is very important to this publication.

The guidelines for submitting content are listed below. If you should have any questions or want to seek advice about submitting content, please contact me at I look forward to working with you and thank you for your contribution to music education.

Sincerely, Gaile Stephens Kansas Music Review, Editor

Content Guidelines

Audience – All submissions must be focused on practical and applicable information and/or resources for one or more of the following audiences: PreK-12 music educators, pre-service music education students, and/or Tri-M high school students interested in pursuing music education.

  • Content should include whenever possible practical tips for teachers and/or students, teaching perspectives to consider, and resources or instructional practices to improve instruction and performance.
  • While research is vital to the field of music education, the KMR publishes articles that put research into usable steps applicable to practicing teachers in the music classroom.

Length – Submissions should be from 1500 to 2500 words (up to 3000-word submissions will be considered). The word count should include references and other resource lists.

Media – The use of multi-media in submissions is encouraged. This includes videos, URL links, images, and audio clips. All media used in a submission must include a citation giving credit to the origin of the material. (This applies to all photographs or images).

Content Copyright – All submitted content must be the author’s original work. All materials, sources, and any form of media included in the article must be cited. Direct quotes should include quotation marks. Citations should be in either APA or Turabian formats.

Content Themes

The KMR does pursue content based on themes chosen by the leadership of the Kansas Music Educators Association. These themes reflect the needs and interests of our members. Themed content should include information, experiences, advice, and/or resources to help music educators and students. We are actively seeking content for the following themes.

  • Small School Music Programs (also known as rural schools)
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Music Classroom
  • School Redesign Educational Movement implications for Music Instruction

Sponsored Content

Product/Sponsored Content – KMR welcomes sponsored content. All sponsored content will be reviewed by the KMR marketing director and the KMR editor. Any correspondence about sponsored content should first be directed to the KMR marketing director ( ). Sponsored content will be noted at the top of the article post.


The KMR does reprint material from other publications and blogs. A notice will appear at the top of any reprinted articles. Whenever possible, the link to the original publication will also be posted. All reprinted content submitted to KMR for publication must be clearly marked and follow the reprint guidelines of the original publication. 

Reprint Permissions – If an author has an article published in a magazine/journal, they can request it be reprinted in the KMR. However, the KMR editor must get permission from the original publication to reprint the article. Permission for reprinting cannot come solely from the author unless the content is from the author’s own publication (such as their blog).

Editorial Changes

The editor reserves the right to ask the author(s) to make changes to the content of any submitted article for the purpose of clarity, grammar, tone, and/or audience focus. The author(s) has the right to refuse editorial changes, but this may affect the publication of the article. 


The KMR publishes 3 articles every month during all 12 months of the year. Submissions can be sent at any time. Content submitted by the first day of a month can be considered for publication the following month. The editor will try to publish accepted articles in a timely manner. Articles can be published as soon as the following month or may be held for as much as 6 months depending on scheduled content.

Submitting Content

All submitted content should be emailed to as a Word document. (Google documents are also accepted).  Thank you for considering our publication. We look forward to working with you.

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