North Central District News

Nancy Monical, NCKMEA President

Greetings from North Central! As I begin my final year as district president, I want to thank the executive boards and state boards that have helped counsel and guide me through these past four years. It has been an adventure!

North Central District Chairs

We are so excited about all the opportunities our students will have this upcoming school year. Our chairs have worked hard to create meaningful and memorable experiences for our students. Daniela Thrasher, Middle-Level Band, Danette Whiteley, Middle-Level Choir, and Devin Burr, High School Jazz Band have invited Dr. Frank Perez, Kate Pretz, and Steve Leuth respectively to be our clinicians on November 4. Guillermo Rodriguez, High School Band, Janie Brokenicky, High School Choir, and Cody Toll, High School Orchestra, have invited Grace Baugher Dunlap, Dr. Mark Lucas, and Dr. Leonardo Rosario respectively to be our clinicians on December 2. Josh Yoho, Elementary Choir, has invited Dr. McKenna Stenson to be our clinician on February 3.

District Downbeat Kick-off

All elementary, middle-level, and high school music teachers in the District are invited to our annual Downbeat kick-off session on August 30 at Manhattan High School. Dinner is at 5 PM with the business meeting starting at 5:30 PM. Dinner is free for new teachers. A Zoom link will be provided for those who cannot be there in person.

Other news we are excited about:

Our high school band will have an Audition Prep Day on October 7th at Manhattan High School. High Schools in the district will also commission a piece by Ms. Baugher to be performed at the band concert in December. We have a new mentor chair: Colleen Rodriguez. She brings her many talents to our board, and we are grateful for her service. New chair elects will be voted on later this fall, so get your nominations ready!

I have had the privilege and pleasure of having an extended stay as North Central’s president. It has been an honor to work for such dedicated and caring people. Chad Pape will become President on March 1. I look forward to this last year of service and helping to bring horizon-broadening opportunities to all our members and students. 

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