KSHSAA: 2022-23 School Year

By Craig Manteuffel, Kansas State High School Activities Association

Hello Kansas Music Teachers!

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year! We have faced many challenges the past couple of years, but congratulations on making music with your students this past school year! We hope you set attainable goals with your students and KSHSAA music festivals should be part of your objectives. If I can help in any way please let me know. 

NFHS Music Committee Chairperson

The NFHS music committee is working on four important initiatives. We are very close to completing the leadership course and we hope you and your student leaders will take advantage of this free course. We will let you know when it launches on the website www.nfhslearn.com

  1. Advocacy
  2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  3. Middle School- more opportunities (honor groups and festivals)
  4. Music Leadership- Creating an NFHS Learn Music Leadership Course

Music Teacher Shortages Across the Nation

All states are experiencing a music teacher shortage. The NFHS is involved with a national task force that continues to examine this problem with potential solutions. Please fill out all future surveys from the NFHS and the KSHSAA. We need real time data in order to help solve this nationwide crisis.

KSHSAA Participation Numbers

Once again, we have compiled student participation numbers for you to analyze. 


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School Participation Numbers


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Music participation continues to be #1.


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  1. KSHSAA Performing Arts School of Excellence Awards

Leadership from the KMEA, KSCA, KS Thespians and KSHSAA met on July 7th in the KSHSAA office and finalized the award-winning schools for 2022-23. Thank you to KMEA President Gard and President-Elect Minneman for attending and contributing to the conversation. This fall KSHSAA will award: 1 winner, 3 finalists and 13 commended schools. Certificates will be mailed on September 1, 2022.

Reminder there are FREE courses at www.NFHSLearn.com 

Understanding Copyright and Compliance 

This course should be taken by ALL K-12 and College/University music teachers! Not complying with music copyright laws could potentially cost you and/or your school district $30,000 per infraction. You need to educate yourself on copyright laws and know what is legal and illegal. This course was written in partnership by the NFHS and NAfME. 

Music Adjudication

Music adjudication provides an opportunity for performing arts students to develop by further improving their skills through constructive feedback. To help you as an adjudicator support the development of these skills, the NFHS has created the course Music Adjudication. This course has been designed to provide adjudicating basics and guidelines, teach you how to properly comment on and give constructive feedback on a performance, as well as further explaining the different roles in which you may serve as an adjudicator. Example student performances are included to give you an opportunity to practice adjudicating real performances while also providing guidance on what to note during a particular performance.

Introduction to Interscholastic Music

Designed to provide an overview of best practices in the music classroom and interscholastic music competitions.

The skills taught in this course introduce and reinforce time tested guidelines and techniques that music educators of any level of proficiency can use in directing music programs across the United States. Although this course is useful at any point of a music teacher’s career, this course is best fit for music educators in their beginning years. Upon completion of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to develop the strategies and tools needed to be successful in the music classroom.

Interscholastic Music Event Management 

Designed to provide an overview of management and best practices for hosting music events. These events provide a setting outside of the classroom for students to showcase their musicianship, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. As a contest, festival, or honor group manager, you serve a crucial role in creating a positive and efficient environment for student success. The skills taught in this course introduce and reinforce time tested guidelines and techniques that music event managers with any level of hosting experience can utilize to efficiently and successfully manage interscholastic music events.

Band Safety

Band provides a setting outside of the classroom for participants to showcase their musicianship, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. In order for these objectives to be met, it is important to provide a safe environment for all participants in Band. To help you provide that safe environment, the NFHS has partnered with Music for All, Bands of America, WGI Sport of the Arts, Drum Corps International and Varsity Athletic Bands to bring you “Band Safety.” This course addresses heat and other weather concerns, the value of hydration, rest and sleep, hearing protection and other safety considerations.

Implicit Biases 

Implicit Biases are the automatic reactions we have toward other people based on our past learning and expectations. Studies show that Implicit Bias affects the experiences of students in school athletic and activity programs. The NFHS has partnered with Project Implicit to bring you this course, Implicit Bias. Studies support that there is a relationship between implicit bias and real-world behavior, which highlights the importance of being aware of and managing your bias. This course defines and illustrates examples of Implicit Bias and provides research on how it impacts our society.

Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

It’s widely known that stress, anxiety and depression create challenges for both society and individuals, including interscholastic students. Severe conditions can lead to the worst outcomes, such as suicide. The NFHS is proud to bring you this course on Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in response to this reality. With a focus on wellness, including both physical and psychological, this course highlights causes, strategies and provides helpful resources.

Wishing you continued success. Have a great school year!

Craig Manteuffel cmanteuffel@kshsaa.org 

Assistant Executive Director of Fine Arts and Spirit 

Kansas State High School Activities Association

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