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Jamie Minneman, North Central District President
Jamie Minneman, North Central District President

Greetings from the North Central District!  This has been an exciting first year for me as president, and I am so grateful to be working closely with some of the best music educators and all-around people in the state.  I want to thank my executive board and the KMEA board for their guidance and counsel throughout this year.

The North Central District has had a remarkable 2018-19!  It began in August with the Downbeat meeting, welcoming everyone back to school.  We kicked off our mentoring program with the help of Holly Taylor and Jamie Rogers, and this has been a huge help to our new teachers in the area.  Our high school and elementary mini conventions were a success.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for our middle level convention in January.  We were very proud of the NC representation at the February ISW in all of the All State performing groups.  Also, Polymnia, from St. Mary’s Academy had a phenomenal performance on the Friday of ISW.

I want to congratulate Devin Burr, HS Band Chair, Sean Keasling, HS Jazz Chair, Ryan Holmquist, HS Choir Chair, Joan Grover, ML Band Chair, Miriam Gogadi, ML Choir Chair, and Amelia Hancock, Elem. Chair on their outstanding contributions to our district.  They all served us so well and will be missed dearly on the board.

For the 2019-20 year, we will have a whole new group at the helm.  We welcome back Riley Day as the Orchestra Chair; and joining him will be Samantha Boxberger, HS Band Chair, Michael Brown, HS Choir Chair, Bob Haselhuhn, HS Jazz Chair, and Staci Payne, Elem. Chair.  Unfortunately our chair elects at the middle level are pursuing other ventures, so we are in the process of electing new candidates for those positions.

The following events would not be possible were it not for these chair people, and so I thank them for volunteering their time and talents:

Downbeat Session          August 28, 2019
HS Honor Auditions        November 2, 2019
HS Mini Convention       December 7, 2019
ML Mini Concert             January 11, 2020
Elementary Concert       February 1, 2020

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