Kansas Music Review 2.0

The final cover of KMR 1.0

Welcome to the Kansas Music Review, the online publication of the Kansas Music Educators Association. This web-based magazine is our 2nd version, having first gone online with the KMR in 2011.

The Kansas Music Review was first published in the late 1940s as a mimeographed hand-out consisting of a few sheets of paper held together with a single staple up in the corner. From there it evolved into a professional-quality magazine delivered to each member of KMEA. With the advance of online publishing, the KMR moved to a web-based model in the fall of 2011. That first version of the online KMR kept to the concept of providing four “issues” per year. Readers may still access KMR 1.0 at its original address.

This new version goes away from that model and becomes one of on-going news and articles about KMEA and the state of music education in general. Our expectation is to add new content several times each month.

We hope you find this new site informative, and we welcome contributions from anyone interested in publishing with us.

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